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Souls Sharing the Same Vibration are Family

(Translated by Conglong and edited by Kaer) 

Who is our family? Jesus told us, “For whosoever does the pleasure of my Father in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.” – Matthew 12:50. 

Jesus Christ is the Road, the Truth, and the LIFE. When we follow his teachings, we will be reborn in heaven, and we will know that whoever lives in the will of the Greatest Creator is our family. 

I am the embodiment of Jesus Christ in this era, an era for “reaping the ripe crops”. Let me tell you again, whoever meets the following standards are our family.

· One who reveres the Greatest Creator and walks on his Way.

· One who reveres LIFE, reveres nature, loves life, and loves peace.

· One with whom we can share weal and woe, one who cares for us, never oppresses us, never exploits us, and never bullies us.

· One who speaks gently, never shouts at us, never complains, never laughs at us, never insults us and never discourages us.

· One who can forgive our mistakes and makes us smile.

· One who never quarrels or fights with us but always is willing to sacrifice his or her interests for us.

· One who brings happiness, joy, fun and freedom.

· One who is close but never harms us. 

In short, whoever shares the same vibration is our family. 

Family is the one we can care for and love and the one who is caring and loving. When we are with our family, we should have no troubles or worries, and never feel lonely or isolated. When we are with our family, there are no quarrels or fights and no anxieties or fears. Wherever we are, as long as we are with our family, our life is beautiful and happy, and our future is blessed. 

We should redefine the traditional “family” concept which is merely based on the blood relationship and build up a new family theory. Let us make everyone have more families in the journey of life and make their lives even more beautiful! 

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