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Let Us not Stop a Childlike Heart

(Translated by Conglong, Ailian, and edited by Kaer)

When we walk on this way, the way of the Greatest Creator and the way of Lifechanyuan, we are destined to devote ourselves to the land that gives birth to us, to humanity, to nature and to all other lives. By giving out everything we have, we will achieve perfect souls, noble characters, and the life wealth which qualifies us to enter into heaven.

All saints and sages have taught us to “give up ourselves (no ego)”. Because of this “no ego”, we will not fight with others, we will not get hurt, and we will not have worries or fears. We shall not only devote our wisdom and material wealth to humanity and nature, but will also give our flesh and blood. We return to Satan that which is Satan’s, and to the Greatest Creator that which is the Greatest Creator’s. We give back that which we owe to others and pay off the debts that we owe to Mother Nature. We have left ourselves only with perfect hearts, intact hearts with love.

Let love be our guide towards higher-level spaces: let us love people around us, love life, love nature, love our nation and all other nations, love society, and love all those who hurt us. No matter what we have been through, let us not stop a childlike heart, and let us not stop a loving heart. We shall never complain, and our minds shall never be poisoned with hate or revenge. Even as we face death, we shall never let our love extinguish, we will accept it with joy instead.

We only measure if we are good enough, and we do not judge society and others. We are wrong when we think others are not good. We should ask ourselves whether we are good enough? We are wrong when we think others hurt us. We should reflect back and ask ourselves if we hurt others. This is not merely psychological victory. We are not going to escape the reality and contradiction. This is not cowardice, but is actually the character that ripe crops must have.

Facing our hardships, we accept them calmly. Without experiencing bitterness or difficulties, how can our will and faith be honed and become stronger? A lark can only become a phoenix in the raging fire. Silkworms can only grow after they exfoliate, and they are not able to become butterflies without first being wrapped in cocoons. Hardship is a good thing, not a bad thing. Leave all the good things to others and to society and let them enjoy the sweet fruits of our labor which are irrigated by our blood, sweat, and tears. We do not care about our gains or losses, and we do not own any material wealth. We only pay attention to the wealth we accumulate in heaven.

Where our wealth is, so do our souls reside. Where our souls reside, will be the place to which we finally go. We value and revere LIFE, but we are not afraid of death. In this human world, death is a phenomenon from which we can see Tao in its fairest form. Today when we live, let us live happily; were we to die tomorrow, we should accept it with joy because “death is where life is reborn”; if we do not die here, we will not be born there. The most important thing is where we go next; when we have the quality of a heavenly life, how would we be afraid of death? We would look forward to it instead. So, we will neither fight nor resist. Everything is within the control of Tao. Anything appearing to show a complicated form are simple rules and laws of Tao. We face any situation with love, then we are walking on the way of Tao, and we will not lose anything. If we are against Tao, everything will become void and passing clouds that come and go.

Who is stronger, and who is the winner? All are tragedies of the short-sighted. Those who are awake will not fight for victory in a flash moment.

Let him do it if anyone wants to take something, let him do it if anyone uses his force. Let him be the hero if anyone behaves strongly. Let us just be unrestrained and celestial and see who is the one who will have the final laugh. Let us not stop a childlike heart, but treat everything with love. No matter what situations we have encountered, we shall hurt neither our ancestors nor our nation. We shall not hurt society, nature, or other life beings. It is up to the Greatest Creator to judge who is right or wrong, and it is up to Tao to assess our merits and faults. Let us just have an unrestrained journey, and deposit our love in heaven.

Let it go, and let all go! Do not attach to anything; let nature take its course, and let us just follow Tao, then we will eventually reach our destination. 

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