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The Great Global Misunderstanding of Communism

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer) 

Western society regards communism as an evil beast, while oriental society misunderstands communism as sharing property and people, but a true communist society is actually a utopia, the Great Harmony, and a nickname of the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator. 

This misunderstanding was rooted in the wrong doing of global communist parties from the birth of Marxism. The mistakes of the whole communist international and the failure of really understanding the essence of communism by Lenin and Mao led to highly flawed executions. Communist society is the most humane, which should be realized by its lack of pain to any individual from the starting point. Real communism cannot be illustrated by the dictatorship of the proletariat or the theory of class warfare and does not support “power from the barrel of a gun”. 

New Oasis for Life of Lifechanyuan is a real communist society. We never apply dictatorship or the theory of class struggle, nor share possessions or partners, not even to deprive capitalists of their property. It was voluntarily built up by all the members, by moistening the honey and the dew of silent love. This fact speaks louder than words. Its illustration is the best touchstone. 

Communism is not an evil beast, but a real paradise in the mortal world. Just to look up the history and life mode of New Oasis for Life and you will understand real communism. 

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