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There is No Jealousy in Heaven

(Translated by conglong and edited by Kaer) 

Jealousy is a symbol of a flawed nonmaterial structure of LIFE; it is an illness of one’s soul. It is also the ugly side of human nature. Jealousy does not only hurt oneself, it also hurts one’s family, a group and society. Having an inexplicable feeling of hatred because others have better capability, appearance, fame, position, house, wealth, family and living environment and etc. is called jealousy. 

Jealousy has an enormous destructive power; jealousy is a kind of poison which will destroy one’s immune system, makes one exhausted; it will break the harmony of small family and group and cause pain. It will pollute the entire society and make it develop towards ignorance and violence. 

Jealousy is a dark emotion, and it is afraid of be exposed. When jealousy is bursting from reason, it will appear as hatred, fight, blasphemy, vandalism, hysteria, and makes the harmonious and auspicious atmosphere freeze in a moment. 

Jealousy is a sharp and underhanded knife; its essence is very vicious and cruel. It will look for every opportunity to put the other person to death. 

Jealousy is a quality of demon: 

Some examples of jealousy are: 

You are riding a bicycle, but feel upset and unhappy when seeing those who are driving cars; it is a sign of jealousy. 

See a woman dress smart and beautiful, you gave her a contemptuous look; it is a sign of jealousy. 

Your husband or wife is with someone else, your face looks gloomy; it is a sign of jealousy. 

See others get promotion, move to a house, buy a new car or become rich, you say “so what?”, it is a sign of jealousy. 

Your parents bought new clothes and toys for your brothers and sisters, or left them with more legacy; you start to look for excuses to be difficult. it is a sign of jealousy. 

The person you love cares others, you don’t feel good; it is a sign of jealousy. You are resisting new ideas, new theories, new methods and new values. It is a sign of jealousy. 

Someone can write better and more articles than you, then you behave critical and try to find his weakness; it is a sign of jealousy. 

Someone always receive others’ attention, you then feel lonely; it is a sign of jealousy. 

Someone was greeted by the president of your country, or got a reward. You say “Why show off,

it is just a meeting with the president” and “A small reward is nothing”. It is a sign of jealousy.

Jealousy is the sign of narrow-mindedness and lack of self-confidence; it is the symbol of one is walking towards the evil. 

There is no jealousy in heaven; anyone who wants to live in the heaven must first remove the emotion of jealousy. Anyone who has even a tiny bit jealousy is for sure not eligible to live in the heaven. 

To remove jealousy, we need to cultivate ourselves. Jealousy is usually generated in a group living environment, so we need do the cultivation in a collective life, if we just do the cultivation by closing ourselves for the others, we will never be able to eliminate jealousy. 

We must find a relatively perfect group; live in the group to gradually eliminate our jealousy.


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