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It was We who Sold our Own Liberty

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer) 

Liberty is supreme and priceless, and it is the feature of life in heaven and shows the level of a LIFE. The more liberty, the more heavenly; the less the liberty, the more hellish.

“Liberty, love! For my love I will sacrifice life,

There two I need, For liberty I will sacrifice my love.”

—Petofi Sandor

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

— Patrick Henry.

Liberty is the greatest wealth in life. Losing it is losing life; gaining it is gaining life. So, what is liberty?

Liberty is the infinite power of a life to use its eyes, ears, nose, body, mind, and tongue while acting with desire but never overstepping it.

  • Seeing what you want is the liberty of your eyes
  • Hearing what you want is the liberty of your ears
  • Going where you want and using your hands and feet as you want is the liberty of your body
  • Saying and thinking what you want is the liberty of your mind, namely the liberty of your spirit and soul

The liberty of your eyes, ears, body, and mind form of the liberty of your life.

Those who have eyes but are forbidden to see, have ears but are forbidden to hear, have a mouth but are forbidden to speak, have feet but are forbidden to walk, have hands but are forbidden to act, and who want to lead their own lives but are banned from doing so have lives with no liberty. We will not discuss the liberty of Gods, Buddha, Celestials, Saints, devils, monsters, or even plants and animals, we will only talk about that of humans. People have very little liberty. In other words, they rarely keep it in full. Why do we not have liberty?

Because we sell it. How do we sell it? It is mainly sold through three channels or aspects:

Culture – People sell themselves to traditional cultures. They accept traditional cultural values, such as the belief that, “people should marry when they grow up”, but when they step into marriage, they sell their own liberty. Traditional culture says “Never travel far from the company of parents”, then the body has no liberty. Traditional culture says to, ”Love your nation and love your people”. Come on! They have sold their liberty to their own nation and culture. And so on.

Morality – They sell their liberty to their own values and beliefs. Party loyalists and religionists are stark examples. So-called “proponents of liberty” are actually kidnapped by their morality and sell their liberty to morality. If they sell their liberty to the belief in evolution, then they will not accept the value of creationism. As a result, “the survival of the fittest”, “the law of the jungle”, and “winners are kings while losers are gangsters” becomes their creed of life. It becomes hard to avoid fighting to the death, and their liberty is removed anywhere. They need to remember that anyone without liberty is unable to offer it to others just as the poor can not bring wealth to others and ugly people can not bring beauty to others.

Mechanism – As long as there are constitutions, laws, regulations, doctrines, disciplines, contracts, and the like which restrict and bind them, people will sell their liberty to that which they set for themselves. Their state is a mechanism. They believe in their state, and they sell their liberty to their country. Marriage families are mechanisms, and as long as they consciously enter into marriage families, it is no doubt that people will sell their own liberty to the marriage family. A contracts is a mechanism. When a contract is signed, liberty is sold to the contract.

When we do not feel free today, we have to rethink that we have no liberty because we sold it. For that, it is as normal that we have no liberty as if we sell our house and then have nowhere to sleep. That is all our fault and we have no excuse to complain to others! In addition to the three main channels to sell liberty listed above, we also have the following list of small channels through which it is sold:

These include jealousy, blaming, comparing, fighting, killing, worry, fear, desire, money, power, fame, lust, and so on. As long as we are infected with any of these negative emotions or inner anxieties, or indulge in any desires, our liberty will be restricted or even lost.

For example, if we fear something that restricts our liberty, then we sell our liberty to fear. When a country perpetrates a national terror policy and makes people live in fear from morning till night, then the people’s liberty will be deprived completely and they will have to live a life more like that of a dog than a human. Tracing back to the source, the country might not be bad, but the people have sold their liberty to fear. As more and more citizens of a country become willing to sell their liberty to fear, this terror policy becomes the perfect way for the state to or control its people. The bondage of the individual is self-inflicted and the slavery of all is caused by the collective. If one wants to enjoy liberty from such an environment, there is only one thing to do: Escape!

Where to go?

To a free place.

If there is no free place on the earth,

Escape to heaven!

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