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The Furthest Distance of All

(Translated by Conglong and edited by Kaer)


The Furthest Distance of All

is not that we are ignorant of love,

but the secular world is a dam

that stops rivers from sharing water.

is not that love can’t burn,

but the gossips and naysayers are sharp

always to cool the flames of passion.

It burns, but buried deep within the heart.


The Furthest Distance of All

is we have shared love for many years

and are together still,

but we must separate.

I cannot live without you,

but must feign not to care,

and cry bitterly in silence.

is not as simple as I miss you,

but the divide is so great

that silently we weep

even when together.


The Furthest Distance of All

is not the length of the Yangtze River,

but that I could not find you,

though I searched from source to end.

is not that the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers never meet,

but when I see your name in Lifechanyuan,

I do not see the most precious gift bestowed by God.


The Furthest Distance of All

are the trails of two hearts that never converge.

I know it is there, but just beyond the shadows.

is like the meteor in flight;

if meeting is our fate,

we will surely meet in Elysium.


The Furthest Distance of All

is the distance between human and celestial:

one is on earth; the other is in heaven.


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