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Eight Truths by which to Lead a Life

(Translated by Transn and edited by Kaer) 

Living in this world, we need to understand why we do and how we should, or we will live an unclear and muddled life. For every road on the trip ahead, there must be a destination and different ways of living will ultimately afford us different views and lead us to different destinations.

As a messenger of the Greatest Creator, the incarnation of Gods, Buddha, Celestial beings, Saints, and the guide for human spirits and souls, I propose the following eight truths by which to live. Please examine and consider them, and choose whether they make sense and whether they can benefit you.

1. Rivers have sources and trees have roots, people have parents and Celestial Beings have ancestors. Everything has its origin and all effects have their causes. Rivers will run dry without sources, trees will wither without roots, people will scatter without parents, and Celestial Beings will fall without ancestors. Therefore, in living a life, we have to connect our souls to their source to be clear and to gain eternity. The source of everything is the Greatest Creator, and we, our lives within our LIFE, should always keep the Greatest Creator in mind and live in accordance with the will of the Greatest Creator. In this way, our life can reach a wonderful destination in the end.

2. Life is a short journey of LIFE in the mortal world which begins when we are born and ends when we die. You were there before you were born and will still be there after you die. Birth and death are only LIFE phenomena, and not the beginning and end of LIFE, so it is very important to learn from where you came and to where you are going.

3. The mortal world is a transition between different levels and different types of LIVE. Passengers traveling in all directions will transit through this mortal world and stay for periods of time whether they will ultimately ascend or descend. Therefore, the mortal world is populated with all levels and all types of LIFE. Gods, Buddha, Celestial Beings, Saints, goblins, devils, ghosts, monsters, and demons all exist in the mortal world, and as such, anyone’s life trip can be misdirected by only slight miscalculations. We must therefore sharpen our eyes and be weary of the negative influences in life.

4. Everything in this world exists within the unity of opposites and the result of it is always neutral. That is, the amount of positive and negative energy in the universe is always equal. What you have paid and what you have gained are always equal. This means that what one gets and what they give within a lifetime are equal. If you gain more, you must pay more. And if you pay more, you will gain more. If someone pays a lot in their life stage but gains little, then their extra payout will await them in the bank of heaven: Tao, but if one gains more than they pay in this life stage, then they will owe a debt which must be and can be paid off in many different ways, such as becoming a cow or a horse in the next life, or becoming a chicken or pig and being slaughtered and eaten, or working for others or even falling into the lowest space of LIFE and having to withstand great stress, pain, and hardship. Therefore, we should try our best to pay more and gain less in this stage of life because no one can enjoy more than enough blessing and they must know when to stop.

5. We can become enlightened from nature. That is, each LIFE needs to live to its fullest and live itself out. Only thusly, can this world be colorful and wondrous. Therefore, everyone has to live out their own innate nature by living for their own well-being first. It is only when people live well that they can be beneficial to their loved ones and others. If they do not live for their own well-being, then they will bring endless pain and trouble to everyone and become burdens and loads. For instance, some parents live bitter lives and often cannot meet their basic life necessities such as birth, illness, retirement, and death, so they can never bring blessings to their children. We often hear parents say, “My child! I have suffered through a bitter life all for my child!”. This attitude is an excuse for their bad life because they want to transfer their pain to their children and make those children suffer guilty consciences for their parent’s deprivation. Consequently, not only does the parent deprive themselves, but then they guilt-trip their child. This kind of outlook on life is incisively manifested by married couples when the husband and wife each believe that they have sacrificed for the other and that the other owes them. As a result, both suffer and neither lives out their Tathagata nature. In short, one has to live for their own sake and their own well-being because anyone who lives for others will not only spoil their own life, but will also inflict heavy psychological burdens and spiritual bondage upon others.

6. What is there for people to live for? It is to live for their innate natures, for their gifted natures, to live happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives, and to leave no regrets, remorse, resentment, or sorry at the end. To do this, one cannot live for power, wealth, fame, beauty, vanity, religion, political party, state, nationality, family, or others. They must not try to possess or control anything or anyone, but must accept them as they are and associate with others by following predestined relationships, to act in accordance with their natures, and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. They must deliver their lives into the hands of the Greatest Creator through the arrangements of Tao. Everything physical is a game, but only the soul is true and worthy. Do not be too serious or persistent on anything. Go for it if it pleases and uplifts, but forget it if it hurts or degrades. People will die and fields will become lakes and that which we are so serious and persistent about or which troubles us now will eventually vanish from our consciousnesses. Why bother?

7.Everything in life runs in Tao. Everything is karma. “The Lord is everywhere”, “You reap what you sow”, “Divine punishments, though slow, are always true with big meshes, letting nothing slip through”. Therefore, we must lead honorable and upright lives which are centered on sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty. No one should be stealthily or talk about spirits, deities, fortunes, or disasters. “A good conscience knows no fear”. Whatever one thinks, speaks, and does should be faithful to the earth, the sky, others, and society, and to their own consciences. In this way, their life journey will become smoother and more comfortable as time goes on. Their LIFE’s future will also be smoother and more beautiful.

8.Just do ordinary, simple things within the capacity of your lifetime. Be content to be ordinary and do not pursue the extraordinary. Settle on doing more small things and avoid attempting big things. Learn how to enjoy the unknowingly quiet life and avoid being the target of the known and the noisy. “A thousand miles can be covered by constant small steps, and rivers and seas are filled where small streams gather”. We should always direct our efforts toward laying this kind of foundation. In this way, with persistence over time, the most ideal life will appear, and the most beautiful dreams will come true.

These eight life truths are only my perceptions and are only fit for a small minority. Accordingly, the majority of people are unable to accept them. If you think they make sense, then use them as references. If you think they do not make sense, then find your own ways. We do not discuss, debate, or argue.


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