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The Truth–The Fifty-seventh Apocalypse

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer) 

Pontius Pilate, the powerful Roman governor asked Jesus, “What is truth”, Jesus declared, “I was born for truth; I have come to the mortal world to give the truth; I have witnessed the truth”. Hundreds of millions of people have sought and died for the truth. So what is truth? Democritus, known to be the greatest ancient philosopher, said “The truth is inscrutable”. 

The most revered Socrates said, “What I really know is that I know nothing”.

The French philosopher Rene Descartes argued that only one undeniable truth exists:

“Ego cogito, ergo sum”: I think, therefore I am.

John Spall, governor of the Episcopal Church of the United States, said

“Absolute truth is something to which we may aspire but that we can never attain”.

Influenced by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, many people believe that “Truth is relative”. 

Many religious organizations claim to be sole possessors of absolute truth. 

What is truth?  Jesus said, “the Word of God is truth.”

Sakyamuni preached for forty-nine (49) years: The core of his preaching was but one word: Tao.

Lao Tzu mainly repeats one word throughout his Tao Te Ching: Tao.

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, “Allah’s ruling is based on Tao (truth)”.

Confucius, the great sage of the Chinese nation, thought intensely and sought the truth for a lifetime. He finally grasped the core of Tao as he sighed and said “Having heard Tao in the morning, one may die content in the evening”.  

Lifechanyuan tells people again and again to “Take the way of the Greatest Creator”.

Why is Tao so important? Because Tao is truth and the truth is Tao; both are the same. That is the reason why God, Buddha, the prophets, Celestial beings, and saints have attached such great importance to Tao. In other words, they told us to follow the truth. Truth is truth; there is no absolute truth or relative truth.

Truth can be described in eight (8) ways: 

  1. Truth is not optional.
  2. Truth is oneness without ambiguity.
  3. Truth is eternal, so there is no truth in the past, present, or future.
  4. Truth can be known but cannot be made.
  5. Truth is what scientists try to reveal.
  6. Truth comes to the Chinese Zen masters, “Unspeakable but subtle metaphysics to be awakened in the mind”.
  7. All religions profess to uphold the truth, but they actually contradict it. All parties appear to uphold the truth, but they actually oppose it. 
  8. Everything in the universe, including humanity, floats in an ocean of truth. 

Truth has eight (8) attributes:

  1. Emptiness
  2. Universality
  3. Trust (reliability)
  4. Naturalness
  5. Justice
  6. Kindness
  7. Uniqueness
  8. Eternity

Let us expand on each of these attributes:

Emptiness: Emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; form is emptiness and its very emptiness is form; whatever emptiness is, that is form. Form comes from emptiness and emptiness is Tao; the truth. 

Universality: All visible objects in the universe, including all living beings, originate from Tao but are the metaplasia of Tao. This is to say that all manifestations of the universe are the embodiment of truth, so truth is everything. 

Trust (reliability): All the laws of nature are manifestations of truth; they exist and run by the will of mankind. All laws are of conservation, reliability, and dependability, so truth is trust. If one does not keep their word, but lies or breaks their word, they will be acting against the truth. 

Naturalness: Truth is natural and undoubtedly logical. When fruits fall off trees after they ripen, things are managed easily. Truth is true, not false; people can know it, but cannot create it, and we can neither add to it nor reduce anything from it. If a person or an organization controls themself with importunity, then they will be acting against the truth. As to a person, regardless of their birth, age, health, or even after death, whether they are rich or poor, and no matter how high or low their status ever was, as long as they have lead a natural life without importunity, then they have taken the way of truth. The dying who would rather live, the living who would rather die, the poor who are not content in their poverty, and the rich who are not content with their wealth all act against the truth. 

Justice: Truth is equal for all things and people, and does not favor anything or anyone, just as death and air are fair and equal to everything and everyone. This is to say that anyone, regardless of their religious faith or party affiliation, no matter whether they are a Doctor or illiterate, whether they are a tycoon or poor, and no matter whether they are the President or a shepherd, is equal before the truth, everyone has the same opportunity to learn the truth, and to take the way of the truth. 

Kindness: We already know that truth is Tao, the consciousness and spirit of the Greatest Creator. Therefore, truth is alive. Those who come close to the truth will feel natural and cordial as if returning to their hometown from long ago, and will feel surefooted, calm, and comfortable.

Uniqueness: Truth is meticulous and unique. There is no near-truth or semi-truth. Ten thousand roads lead to the same and only truth, but never lead to thousands of truths. All roads may lead to Rome, but Rome is the one and only Rome. 

Eternity: Since Wuji generate Taiji, truth has existed eternally. Even if the earth and mankind were to disappear, truth would still exist. As long as there is truth, there is eternal LIFE in the universe. The universe is filled with truth and with LIFE. LIFE exists not only on earth, but also elsewhere, only in different forms. 

The Encyclopaedia of the United States says, “the truth is often revolting, for it neither supports prejudice nor follows rumour”, so that which causes people disgust, is against the majority view, and sets people away is most likely to be the truth. The gate of truth is narrow and only a few will find it and pass through it.  

Truth can only be known to a few people, for it is lost to the boisterous and noisy. It is a priceless treasure and the top priority to seek, to know, and to respect in life, for anyone who does, will attain eternal LIFE and will reach the high-level LIFE spaces such as the Thousand-year world, the Ten thousand-year world, or the Elysium world. 

Just take time to comprehend.


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