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Gratitude: The First Element of LIFE’s Sublimation

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer) 

Deformities lack beauty and make us feel unutterably upset and irritable or even disgusting. This is not a man-made feeling, but an instinctive rejection response like a physical allergic reaction to certain substances.

Those without gratitude have deformed LIFE structures, and this is the reason why we dislike and even hate some people.

LIFE is a non-material structure which can be either deformed and unbalanced or perfect and symmetrical. LIVES with more perfect and symmetric structures live in higher spaces of LIFE, while LIVES with more deformed structures live in lower ones.

All animals have LIFE structures which are less perfect than those of human beings, so they can only survive at animal levels, while humans with perfect human natures and standards are celestial beings, and live in higher-level spaces such as the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand year world because their LIFE structures are superior to those of mortals and laities. It is like gases that exist at different levels of the atmosphere; the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, and exosphere.

Life’s ultimate goal is to evolve into higher-level spaces of LIFE which result from the sublimation of one’s LIFE. This sublimation of LIFE means letting one’s own LIFE non-material structure transit into perfection. How does one transit? Gratitude! 

Who and what should we be grateful for? Here are eight with reasons for each:

  • Thank the Greatest Creator for giving us bright eyes to enjoy our beautiful universe with starry skies, rivers, lands, and all the trees and flowers; ears to enjoy the splendid melodies of the nature; love and affection between men and women to enjoy physical and emotional pleasures which are blissful slices of heaven; who designed and created the free but invaluable air and rivers of pure water; and who allows our easy survival and reproduction. We are bathed in sunlight and moistened by rain and dew, so how could we not thank the Greatest Creator
  • Thank Jesus Christ for his favour when he came into the mortal world to ATONE for us with his precious life and brought hope to our suffering lives, then thank Buddha, Mohammed (PBUH), and Lao Tze, for their favor. Their wisdom resolves our inner sadness, sublimates our humanity, maintains our human dignity, and gives us inexhaustible and precious spiritual values. 
  • Thank your parents for their kindness, who exerted tremendous effort to bring you up, whose love is so heavy that even a green mountain can not carry it, and even time and space can not extinguish it.
  • Thank your children for the joy that they brought to you.
  • Thank your friends and relatives for their encouragement, comfort, and help when you were in trouble.
  • Thank your teachers for their hard cultivation; “you see because you stand on their shoulders”.
  • Thank people with high ideals for drawing their swords and rendering help to you during emergencies.
  • Thank your colleagues, classmates, and even strangers for their sincere praise and cooperation.

Real happiness belongs to appreciative givers of thanks.

Real light belongs to them and bright futures belong to them. 

Those who are without gratitude, have no love in their hearts, never repent, are short of humanity, and only fall into the evil wallows of power, money, and fame, will never attain the chance to ascend to a higher space of LIFE. 

It is by giving thanks daily that we can be bathed in the spirit of the Greatest Creator, our LIFE’s non-material structure can ceaselessly evolve into perfection, and we can finally achieve the quality of becoming Celestial beings. Comrades, learn gratitude! 

Even dogs know how to wag their tails to give thanks.

Are we not as good as dogs! 

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