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The Secret and Truth of Predestination(II)

The Eight Descriptions of Predestination

1. A tie will not end until the debt is paid: Once a tie is formed, only its resolution can dismiss it, and with that, it shall end.

2. Love and hate determine the depths of ties: Some ties are very shallow while others are very deep. The depth of a tie is decided by the degree of love and hate associated with it. The stronger the degree of love or hate, the deeper the tie is; the weaker they are, the shallower it is. 

3. The short or long of the tie is determined by debts: Ties are essentially debt relationships. Debt relationships are not related to the amount of the debts as much as to the length of time involved. As long as there is owing, the tie is long. Once the debt is settled, the tie will end. 

4. Mortals create ties but Tao ends them: Both good and bad ties are created by mortals. Once a tie is created, it is controlled by the reward and punishment program of Tao and will eventually befall the person who created it. This is the so-called, “Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be punished with evil; if it is not repaid now, that is because the time has not yet come; once the time comes, it will surely be repaid”. 

5. With neither shape nor form, but with shadows and traces: We can neither see nor touch a tie. It is a kind of non-material existence. It is like a time bomb. We do not know when it will explode: perhaps in a couple of hours, or perhaps not for hundreds or thousands of years, but ties have shadows and traces. If we open Buddha eyes to trace them, we can find their origins.

6. The beginning and ending of a tie is but a thought: Once you get a tie, you will have to dismiss it in order to keep it from falling on you and if you want to eliminate a part of the tie, you will have to do good, especially a hidden good, or formless alms giving. “Do evil not to a single thing and do good to all things.” “Repentance, praying, giving alms, and selfless dedication are the best ways to eliminate ties, especially an evil tie on the half way. 

7.Things arrive when ties arrive and things disappear when ties end: All coincidences and emergency events arise due to ties. The tie makes the meeting. When the tie ends, that is, when the equivalent debts are paid, the event will naturally end. When the tie ends, things will part. 

8. Beginning or ending a tie depends on perception: Human life is a process of tying and untying; everything is tied. “Ties are the sea and we are the fish swimming in it.” Ties are like invisible, densely woven meshes over which people walk. “Divine punishments are slow but sure, with big meshes yet letting nothing slip through.” This “divine mesh” is the tie controlled by Tao. If people do not perceive this, then they cannot escape the “divine mesh”, and as a result they will rise and fall in the sea of ties and reincarnate until they do. This is how ties form and how they end.

The Eight Best Ways to End Worldly Ties and Form a Celestial Tie 

1. Praying and repenting, formless alms giving: Praying and repenting in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, attaining the Great Vehicle, and making formless alms giving according to Buddha Sakamuni’s teaching are the ways to end all the evil ties, repay all the debts since the beginningless time, accumulate treasures in heaven, and go directly to the Elysium world – the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator. 

2. Associating with others by following predestined relationships, swallowing humiliation and bearing heavy loads: The ties that we formed since beginning less time will come in succession. To this end, we need to associate with others by following our predestined relationships and resolve them in succession. “Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him also the left one”, because it is the result of an ill tie. If you do not allow them to smite you, then the ill tie will not end, but will recur in another form in the future. If others scold you, bully you, insult you, or trample upon you, be they relatives, friends, or strangers, then you must accept it with delight and with neither anger nor resentment. “Pray for and bless your enemy.” 

3. “Doing evil not to a single thing; doing good to all things”: Regardless of what dilemma or situation you find yourself in, you should have only good thoughts, good words, good expressions, and good deeds; never evil ones. Just praise all others and speak not one bad word against any others. However you speak, it must be active, positive, and optimistic; never passive, negative, or pessimistic. Try your best to bring happiness and joy to people rather than distress and sadness. You should not only treat people this way, but all LIFE and all nature. 

4. Always giving; never taking: The guiding principle of the universe is that the sum of positive and negative energy is always zero; losses and gains are always equal; what one gains and loses always balance out. If you lose, you will certainly gain; if you gain, you will certainly lose, so never think that someone owes you, but remind yourself what you owe others. If others bully us, it is because we owe them and it is time to pay them back; if others owe us, be it emotional debt or financial debt, do not ask for it, because it will be returned in one way or another: perhaps in this life; perhaps in the afterlife; perhaps from the head; perhaps from the toe. All in all, the law of the sum of negative and positive energy always is zero will work. We just give and leave the taking to Tao. 

5. Being apart from the mortal world and avoiding mundane entanglements: Living in the mortal world is to inevitably contact a variety of mortals and laities, but remember that in no case must you ever take advantage of others, not even those closest to you: your parents, children, husband, or wife. In all the universe – heaven and earth – there are no advantages to be had. Whatever advantages you think you have taken are harmful because you will bear losses to balance them out. especially when you are dealing with ignorant persons, laities, mortals, sages, let alone the public. “If you take gains from beasts and birds, then your nature will be harmed; if you crave gains from people, then you will bear losses from the Tao of heaven.” The hard truth is that if you are not corrupt, do not take advantages nor owe debts, then you are staying away from the mortal world and are free from the ties of mundane entanglements. One particularly important thing is that love and sex must always be completely consensual from both sides and totally free from luring or forcing, or such a mundane entanglement will be as difficult to end as cotton or silk. 

6. Pursuing Celestial beings and worshiping Buddha builds good ties: Celestial beings are in the celestial world; Buddha is in the Buddhist world. Both are good places to be! Building relationships with Celestial beings and Buddha gives you hope to exit from samsara and go straight to the realm of freedom. The actual manifestation of spiritual wisdom is giving advantages and benefits to all LIFE in the lower-level LIFE space and owing them nothing, building relationships with LIFE of the higher-level LIFE space, emulating Celestial beings, and worshiping Buddha whenever and wherever you see them. It is always best to have Celestial being or Buddha owe something to you. 

7. Forgiving the wrong and severing its attraction: We should forgive all those who have ever harmed our LIFE since the beginning less time and stop asking them to repay us. This is the way to completely sever our ties with them and develop no new ones, which can let the attraction of LIFE in the lower-level LIFE space completely disappear from us so that we can, “ascend to heaven and become an immortal”. 

8. Revering the Greatest Creator and taking the Way of the Greatest Creator: This is the heart and core to end worldly ties and form a celestial tie, also the top and best way to achieve a state of oneness with man and nature and Tao, as well as to go the Elysium world. Everything that Lifechanyuan does is centered on taking the Way of the Greatest Creator. If you want to understand this more deeply, then you will have to read and understand the meanings of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus, enter the New Oasis for Life, and serve for the Lifechanyuan Era. 


All forms and things in the universe develop and change as the result of predestination. When predestination exists, then forms, matter, and things exist; when predestination ends, then forms, matter, and things end. Good ties bear good fruit and bad ties bear bad fruit; mundane entanglements fall into the mortal world, but affinity with Buddha goes to the Elysium world. This truth must be understood: Those who understand the secrets and the truth are Celestial beings and Buddha; those who do not are mortal beings. 

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