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Love is a State of Being

(Translated by Xidai and edited by Kaer)

From ancient times, “I love you” has been a beautiful song which has been unchanged throughout the ages. People become fascinated, infatuated, and enjoyed crazy bliss when hearing, “I love you”. Today, I finally know that “I love you” is a hallucination, the unpredictable clouds, a colorful bubble, and an anesthetic. 

Love is a state, like the constantly shining sun, the blooming peony, the roaring river, and the bright stars twinkling in the night sky with all their luster. 

Love has no specific target, it is wordless, but if there are specific targets, it is not love. The sun shines down constantly on everything, but if there is a target, it is not the sun, but a searchlight, a torch, or a spotlight. Love is like the shining sun and the blooming flowers. It is a state. Neither the sun nor the flowers ever say “I love you”. No matter whether anyone is watching and no matter whether the bees and butterflies come to gather nectar, the flowers always bloom on time. 

Love always brings warmth, auspiciousness, harmony, goodness, happiness, and positive energy, and is infinitely fascinating to all living beings. Love never shows coldness, madness, ugliness, worry, suffering, negative energy, or desperation. 

Love cannot hurt anyone. If love leads to pain, grief, suffering, hatred, disappointment, or desperation, it can not be real love. 

Love can only be felt by love. It cannot be demanded or taken by force, nor by money, status, fame, or beauty. Love is totally free, it is priceless, needs nothing in return, and is unconditional, with neither responsibilities, obligations, nor other requirements. Love treats everyone the same: beggars and billionaires, commoners and royalty. Love has no morals. Love has no system of values. Love lives in truth, kindness, beauty, and right, as well as in falseness, evil, ugliness, and wrong. 

The differences in the levels of love between different living beings are in the contents of love’s energy. The more love a living being has, the higher its level is; the less love it has, the lower its level is. This is the same as the differences of kerosene lamps, electric lamps, and the sun. They are shining different lights. The kerosene lamp can only illuminate one room in a house and the electric lamp can illuminate a yard, but the sun can illuminate a much larger area. 

The light of the Buddha can spread everywhere, but the light of human beings can only spread in limited regions. This is the difference between Buddhas and people. 

So, we understand that those who love everything and live for the benefit of all living beings are Buddhas, those who only love and think about themselves are devils, those who love and live for only one person or several people are animals, and those who only love and live for a group of people are human beings. 

According to this, we know that those who selfishly love themselves are the offsprings of devils, those who only love one person or thing, such as within monogamous marriage, are the lowest level of animals, those who love their families are the lowest level of human beings, and those who love their own nations, religions, organizations, and political parties are human beings, but those who live for the benefit of all living beings regardless of their selfish interests are more than human beings, they are Bodhisattvas, Angels, and Buddhas.

Human beings are not worthy of speaking the word, “love”. Love is the patent of Bodhisattvas, Angels, and Buddhas. Love is profaned when one person says “I love you” to another. 

Love is a nonmaterial existence. Only those who have love for themselves can feel love. You will never feel love if you do not have love by yourself. You can see other lives’ eyes when seeing through your own eyes. It is only by having no color blindness that you can see how colorful the world is. 

Those people with the greatest love will become Super Celestial Beings. The greatest love is that you, yourself, completely become love. 

The Greatest Creator is love. Only by making ourselves become love can we enter the secret garden of the Greatest Creator, the Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World. 

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