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The Road Map to Heaven

Living on earth Follow the teachings of Jesus, Saykamuni, Muhammad, Lao Tzu and Science Enter Lifechanyuan Study Lifechanyuan Values Become a Chanyuan celestial Unconventional Thinking Purify ones soul Shift consciousness, and change ones LIFE structure Enter the New Oasis for Life Meet the standard of Thousand-year World Understanding the major eight ways of thinking Meet the standard of Ten-thousand year World Understanding the eight secrets of LIFE Go to Elysium World” 


When you still live on the earth: 

1. You first need to learn and understand the wisdom and teachings of Jesus, Saykamuni, Muhammad and Lao Tzu, and study scientific knowledge, on which basis enter Lifechanyuan, study and understand the contents in Chanyuan Corpus and Xue Feng Corpus, also listen to the thoughts of Chanyuan Masters and learn their wisdom. 

2. Try to become a Chanyuan celestial after that, once you are a Chanyuan celestial, you must train yourself to think in an unconventional way; breaking all superstitions and shackles that confine human nature, gradually get away from the bondage that the ideas of traditional family, country, political party and religion have on your mind. And consciously sweep the dust and stains on your soul just like wiping off the dust on a mirror; let your mind and behaviours exhibit towards the direction of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith and honesty. 

3. Then we need work hard on the core of self-cultivation, putting efforts on shifting our consciousness, let our mind go into “non-material world”- although our body residents on the earth, our mind stays in heaven. From this step we can further come to the New Oasis for Life, experience the new lifestyle copied from “Thousand-year World”. 

4. Finally, practice Chanyuan meditation, in this way, you can be ensured to go to the “Thousand-year World”; If you want to go to “Ten-thousand-year World” instead, you need to grasp the secrets of eight ways of thinking, and you can surely go to the “Ten-thousand-year world”; However, if you don’t want to stop there, you need to understand the eight secrets of LIFE thoroughly, once you reach that stage, you are able to go to “Elysium World” at any time. 

The theory is just simple as that, and the road map is very clear, but it is not easy to really follow it and meet the standard.

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