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Priorities: The Order of Importance and The Emergence of Life

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer) 

From the long-term perspective, we know that each life lasts for only a fleeting moment. Regardless of how capable we might be, we are incapable of escaping our inexorable doom. How to spend this fleeting life is a question deserving our serious consideration and discussion. Look at life from the perspective of LIFE, life is only a journey, a flash of light in the infinite time and space of LIFE. Since life is so transient, we need to explore the routes and risks of our journey. 

What kind of life is the most beautiful?

 As we are all people, we must first consider how to be people. 

The Greatest Creator, creator of the universe, created us and meant for us to be people, not ghosts, devils, Celestial Beings, Buddhas, or Gods. If we surrender our humanness to devote our life, time, and energy to becoming higher forms, then we are doing it against the will of the Greatest Creator. 

It is only when we first conduct ourselves as people living by the will of the Greatest Creator that we can hope to attain Buddhahood at the end of our life’s journey. It is as if the boss of a company hires someone to be a clerk. The clerk’s purpose is to dedicate his efforts toward his own duty, not to ask his boss to consider him to be a section chief, because it is only after he performs his clerk’s duties well, that the company boss should offer him the opportunity to be promoted to the position of section chief. 

The intent of the Greatest Creator in creating us is to enjoy life and not to make us suffer at all. Because for human beings, the Greatest Creator is love, great love. 

I do not worship men of the hour or heroes who gallop onto battlefields, nor do I worship those great people who are admired by the masses, or the ordinary people who become Buddhas and Gods of the mortal world. I only pay tribute to ordinary, simple, honest, and hard-working people, because those people’s lives conform to the way of being mankind.

Those who sacrifice their present life pleasures to focus on grace after death, do so against Tao. The “moralization” teachings that people can only obtain well-being after going through affliction and suffering definitely leads them astray. The preaching that asks people to cultivate achievements with intensity, regardless of their family responsibilities, in an attempt to attain special magical powers and arts to glorify the mortal world is questionable. “Could it be the devil’s temptation?”

The practice of hyping celebrities, successful figures, distinguished scientists, outstanding entrepreneurs, millionaires, experts, emperors, great men, and heroes will prove to be disturbing, causing people to crowd onto the single-plank bridge and to forget the meaning of life. 

“The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom.” Lifechanyuan preaches that the ordinary life is the best life. Life’s priorities and orders of importance and emergence should be as follows: 

1.The paramount thing in life is to revere the Greatest Creator, which mainly embodies reverence of nature and reverence of LIFE. If we consider nature as appendages that can be arbitrarily spoiled, treat LIFE – including animals, beasts, insects, fish, trees, flowers, and grass – as dirt, then we are defying and profaning the Greatest Creator, our life is one of evil and is doomed to extinction, and we can no longer have a bright future. 

2.The first thing to consider and pursue in life is the beauty of the soul, rather than the accumulation of power, money, fame, and desirable people. If one’s mind is not beautiful, and their soul is dirty, then their LIFE is bound to slip into hell, they are bound to keep company with devils and demons, and their life is a definite failure. 

3.The most important thing in life is to explore the mysteries of the universe and the meaning of LIFE. The Greatest Creator always rewards the wise who have spiritual natures and wisdom and offers them wonderful spiritual enjoyment. If we affix our eyes only to the limited time and space, or even on meeting the needs of our lust, then we are bound to be lost and the water of LIFE will evaporate. 

4.The most urgent questions in life are how to elevate the nonmaterial structure of LIFE – its spiritual nature – toward the development of higher LIFE space directions and how to sublimate our personalities and to perfect our spiritual natures. None of us know what will happen tomorrow. One certain thing is that our LIFE structures will determine the life endings we will have. Everything in Life should revolve around this point because if we die tomorrow, all that we own in the mortal world will be gone, all of our efforts will be in vain, and our precious lives will go wasted for nothing. 

I am talking about the Great Way of LIFE.

You may take time to think about this:

Xuefeng is of no importance, but what is important is that Lifechanyuan can lead a person’s LIFE into an infinitely wonderful world. 

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