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How to Predict Your Own Afterlife

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer) 

Everything has the ability to move and develop, and this includes LIFE. When we see a pregnant woman, we know that she is conceiving life; she is having a baby. After the baby is born, we know that it will gradually grow up, move from childhood to adolescence, youth, middle age, and old age. After spring, we know it will be summer, fall, and winter. As long as we know our situation, we can predict our LIFE state in our next phase. To speculate about your afterlife, you first need to understand the nonmaterial structural state of your LIFE. You cannot see your LIFE’s nonmaterial structure with your naked eyes. The only way to do this is to examine your own consciousness. You can predict your afterlife according to the characteristics of your own consciousness. Consciousness is the essences of LIFE; different consciousnesses determine different LIFE states. Some days ago, Foshan Celestial and I went to enjoy a terrace in Yuanyang, Yunnan. When we went deep into the village and I saw how some elderly Hani people were having hard lives, I asked him, “These elderly people have suffered in this valley throughout their lifetimes. Will they continue to be here in their afterlives? They should leave this valley”. Foshan Celestial replied, “They will continue to reincarnate here because they have no other place or world in their consciousnesses unless they desire to leave this valley and learn about the outside world.” 

This answer reveals the secret of reincarnation – consciousness decides existence.

If an individual LIFE does not have consciousness, then it does not exist. If you want it to exist, you must first be present in a consciousness. As the French Philosopher René Descartes put it, “I think, therefore I am”. Why do I have the nerve to say that I can guide Chanyuan Celestials to the Celestial Islands Continent? Because I keep infusing the content of it into them. When they understand all the details about it, especially the characteristics of LIFE and the lifestyles of the Super Celestial Beings there and gradually clear away other consciousnesses, they will undoubtedly go to the Celestial Islands Continent in their next lives. This is scientific truth. It is meticulous and exact. So, how can you predict your own afterlife? You must read and fully understand, “Life’s Eighteen Qualities” in “Humans Beings and Life First”, and then you will know. People look alike in appearance, but they are very different deep inside. At the same time, you can check your faults by referring to “The Supreme Book of Rewards and Punishments”.

Here are seven (7) suggestions:

1.If you have killed many dogs, then you will be a dog in your next life. This is karma and exact. You can make analogies for other cases.

2.If you have murdered a person, then you will inevitably go to the Hell World (the Inflamed Layer or the Frozen Layer). “Divine’s punishments, though slow, are always sure. With big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through.”

3.If you have abused LIFE, then you will definitely go to the Hell World. You reap what you sow.

4.If you oppress the good and kind, swindle and cheat, steal and loot, then you will go to the Animal World. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

5.If you love freedom, but are still ignorant, then you will be a bird.

6.If you owe too many debts that are left unpaid, then you will likely go to the Livestock World.

7.If you are kind and hard-working and love your family, culture, and state very much, then you will continue to be reborn as mortal human.

Remember the warnings and teachings of Jesus Christ: If you leave a penny of unpaid debt, then you cannot leave the place where you owe it.

If you have unfulfilled wishes, then you will return back to the mortal world.

You will have to investigate into your past lives. Do not assume that if you forget something, it will just go away. Make a careful list of your wrong doings from, “The Supreme Book of Rewards and Punishments”. If you find some, do not just let them go, but learn to compensate.

Here are six (6) suggestions:

1.If you have harmed animals, henceforth love them

2.If you have harmed people, henceforth love them

3.If you owe someone emotionally, pay back the emotion

4.If you owe debts, pay back the debts, ask for forgiveness for the damage, abuse, and bullying of people or other life

5.Do merits as far as possible and do merits according to the teachings of Buddha.

6.Do more formless almsgiving; if your merits are great enough, you can compensate for your faults and debts that have accumulated over many generations.

If you have a clear conscience and have paid back the grace of your parents and nature, and if you do not owe a single debt to any person or animal, then you will be free to go to heaven in your next life.Those who talk about spirits, deities, fortune and disaster, lose nature, are sneaky, speak voices dripping with sarcasm, resort to sorcery, and talk nonsense will become ghosts, demons and monsters.We can just look at the variety of fruits and flowers that we see. Why are they so different from each other? The reason lies in the structures of their LIVES. Their different LIFE structures are the differences of their “entities”, and in the teachings of Qiankun Celestial, their “forms” and “uses” will be different.

Always remember these four (4) truths:

1.If you eliminate the concepts of family, nation, culture, and religion from your consciousness, are fond of freedom, happiness, and joy, have repaid all your debts in the mortal world, and have done merits, then you will go to the Thousand-year World of heaven.

2.If you often dream of flying and are in a state of joy without having sexual contact, then you will go to the Ten-thousand-year World of heaven.

3.If you possess Buddha consciousness, then you will go to the corresponding Elysium World.

4.If you revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, take the Way of the Greatest Creator, have obtained supernatural powers, and can fancy an ideal world, then there is no doubt that you will go to the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.You are the one who knows best about what kind of nonmaterial structure your LIFE has achieved. 

If you do not know, then your spiritual perception has not yet opened and you should work at opening it. The above are general ideas and may not be very accurate, but they can serve as a general navigation. You need to draw inferences about other cases from one instance in order to predict your afterlife.


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