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The New Epoch is Coming

(Tranlsated by Conglong and edited by Kaer)

Humanity has entered a new epoch on January 1, 2018. 

Thoughts of the new epoch originate at the zero point of the twenty parallel worlds. It was born in Africa, developed in Asia, and is maturing in North America. The work of theory building and the experiments into the new life mode are almost complete and will become the guiding thoughts and life mode of humanity for the next millennia. 

The birth of this new epoch will bring an end to the consciousness of the old era and will change the current life and production modes of human society drastically. It will bring humans into an epoch in which:

  • “All thoughts and beliefs will be unified into the Greatest Creator’s will, and all religions will be unified into one belief system”.
  • “The talented will be put to their best use, and the whole world will be one family”.
  • “No one will pocket anything found on the ground and doors will not need to be bolted at night”.

 Once you enter into this new epoch, you will be far removed from the traditional abyss of misery and you will not be misled or fettered by the old world view, life values or universe values. The mist surrounds your heart will disappear. 

You will see a whole new world, and your life will be directed onto a track of happiness, joy, and freedom.

You will be walking into the gate of heaven and embarking on a new journey that will last for a thousand years, thirty five thousand years, or even billions of years. 

In order to help humans to understand the meaning of this new epoch, some angels will present the new thoughts and visions through a series of videos. This video channel is called “The New Epoch”, and by following it, your vibration frequency will gradually align with the consciousness of the universe and your consciousness level will rise to above five hundred. You will then become an angel as called in western culture or a celestial or buddha in oriental culture.  

Deiform Buddha is the messenger of the greatest creator of the universe, and he is the incarnation of gods, Buddha, celestial beings, and saints. He is also the messenger, the “supervisor soul” from northwest China mentioned by the “Boy from Mars” – Boriska Kipriyanovich. 

Humans will experience a short period of suffering for about ten years which has already begun. During this ten-year period, those who keep following “The New Epoch” will have lights fire up in their hearts; they will have no more fears and will be blessed enough to live in the new epoch that will last for a millennia. 

This is of the greatest importance of all things. Crises will not end if this good opportunity is missed. 

Best wishes to all those who follow and enter “The New Epoch”. 

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