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Never be Arrogant in the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

Everyone who lives in the Second Home should always remember that everything we get from the community is a gift bestowed by the Greatest Creator, compared to his mercy, what we do for the Second Home is nothing. Therefore, we should always keep a humble attitude and never be arrogant.

Arrogance is a characteristic which matches neither a Chanyuan celestial’s quality, nor is it in harmony with life in the kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Arrogance is a quality of the devil, not that of buddha. It is a weed in our soul garden which must be removed. Therefore, no matter how knowledgeable we are or how much we have contributed to the Second Home, even if we are very intelligent and capable, we should never be arrogant.

The symbols of arrogance are:

  • To think that the Second Home would not still exist without us.
  • To think that we play a very important role and the Second Home will not be able to sustain without us.
  • To think that we are very wise and intelligent; superior to our brothers and sisters.
  • To take everything for granted and think that the community should meet all our requirements. If there is any request that cannot be satisfied, we get upset and become pessimistic.
  • To think very highly of ourselves and condemn and criticise other brothers and sisters.
  • To think that our brothers and sisters are not as outstanding as we, and become lazy and no longer participate actively in the building of the Second Home.
  • To think that the Second Home owes us, are not willing to accept criticism, and always think that we are right.
  • To always want to do office work or be the leader of the community, not willing to do dirty and heavy labor.
  • To always show off and want everyone to admire us.
  • To criticise, condemn and ridicule others.

Arrogance is a symbol of narrow-mindedness, shallowness, ignorance, and an uncivilized character.

It is also the watershed that divides the celestial from the devil, and one of the most important symbols of a flawed soul. Therefore, everyone should be mindful not to let arrogance invade your soul. No matter how great we think we are, how outstanding we seem to be, or how much we have contributed; no matter what position we are at and are admired by how many people, no matter whether we are an expert, a celebrity, a high-ranking official, a rich man or have a doctor’s degree, once we enter and live in the Second Home, we need to think of ourselves as the most ordinary and in lowest position, and always keep a humble heart.

We enter the Second Home not for position, fame and power, material comforts, beautiful women or handsome men, and not for glorifying our ancestors or passing a good reputation to a hundred future generations. Rather, we are here to perfect our souls, repay our debts from previous lives, and accumulate our treasures in heaven, then go to the Elysium World. Once we have a feeling of arrogance, we will not be able to go forward, and we will make mistakes and ruin our futures; it will also become an obstacle to building our ideal community. Eventually, all our most beautiful dreams will become void and we will regret that forever.

Please, always return to the starting point and fly in the space of the pure land; you will see different scenery. It is also one of the best ways to reach heaven.

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