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Internal Structure is What Matters

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The nature and function of things are determined by their internal structures. Sugar is sweet while tea is bitter, and this is decided by their structure, not by people. The price of a one-carat (0.2g) diamond is ?14,000 RMB yuan, but the price of an ounce of gold is only about ?10,270 RMB yuan. That is to say that one carat of gold costs ? 70 RMB yuan. The price difference between diamonds and gold is 200:1. The fundamental reason lies in the different internal structures of the two. The value of one carat of common stone is too small to measure.


The Greatest Creator, Gods and Buddha, Angels, Bodhisattvas, Celestial Beings, devils, demons, monsters, mortals, evil spirits, animals and other LIFE are quite different from one another, and the reason is also because of their different internal structures. Celestials, saints, sages, mortals, laities layman, and ignorant people are all humans, but they are unlike each other because each has a different internal structure. It is as with mushrooms that some are nutritious and will feed you, but some others are poisonous and will sicken or kill you. This too is because of their different internal structures.


From this we can understand that the role a person plays, the responsibilities that they assume, and the accomplishments that they achieve are completely determined by their internal structure, and not by others or by society. Gems are inlaid into crowns, while cobblestones are not. Thus we further understand that it is wrong to envy or admire others or to blame social injustice. In any case, we should neither complain, resent, nor loath having a low social status or position. This is called being content in poverty and devoted to spiritual matters.


Since we understand that all things are determined by internal structures, we should then make efforts to change and perfect our own internal structures rather than flattering or currying favour with others, using connections for special treatment, envying and admiring others, complaining and resenting others or our society, seeking magic power or skills, seeking shortcuts or begging for mercy and help, blaming or accusing others for our bad luck, being opportunistic, or finding secrets to success.


Peaches and plums do not talk, but people come to pick them. The fragrance of flowers attract butterflies. Peonies do not assume their beauty, but people naturally sing songs about them. No matter how flies and mosquitoes dress themselves, people will still detest them. Beggars cannot have refined tastes. Dog meat is not to be served at feasts. Those who lack elegance and good etiquette are not presentable. In short, the internal structure of each thing determines its social role and status.


At this point, if someone still complains about heaven and earth or blames others or society for their ill treatment or bad luck in life or finds excuses and reasons to blame others rather than themselves for their failures, then they would have to be either ignorant or just plain stupid.


Are you not satisfied with your current situation? Do not find external excuses and reasons, but make sure to look for source causes from your own internal structure.


The internal structures of things are determined by their quality. Taking people for example, good intrinsic qualities are marked with diligence, kindness, purity, honesty, integrity, modesty, and open-mindedness, whereas bad qualities are shown as jealousy, blame, selfishness, greed, laziness, arrogance, dishonesty, and narrow-mindedness. A person who does not have good quality can never be smooth and refined no matter how they struggle, be accomplished in their career, or sail easily through life. They may enjoy good fortune for brief times, but not for very long.


People who are moving toward heaven through self-refinery and self-improvement should never waste valuable time and energy on changing the external world or on changing their external appearance. They should invest their time and energy into improving and perfecting the nonmaterial structures of their LIVE’s and on developing good quality. If their quality is not excellent and their structure is not perfect, then they can never reach heaven. It is the same as with a hard rock. Try as it may, it will never be cherished and valued by others. It must alter its internal structure in order to be valued and loved as a treasure and be applied in the most eye-striking and noble places.

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