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Brains, Minds (consciousnesses), and the Great Universe


(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Brains are the bridges between consciousnesses (minds) and the great universe. The great universe that is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt is processed by brains into minds. Brains would die without the great universe. Brains can be activated to observe and experience the great universe, and they will become quicker and smarter thusly; that is why we have the saying, “Read a thousand of books and travel a thousand miles.” 

Apart from interpreting sensations, the brain is also capable of thinking. The closer we look, the deeper we feel about the things and phenomena that we sense, the more developed our brains become, and the more powerful our minds become. 

Our minds are determined by the information and data provided to our brains which come from the great universe. That is to say, the great universe that a person experiences determines the person’s mind, which is why there are “wolf children” and “deer children’, as well as the origin of the belief that, “The bel-esprits reside on green mountains with sparkling water while rogues live on barren hills with turbulent rivers”, and the reason to, “Keep the company of good people and you shall be counted among their numbers”. 

From this we can draw the conclusion that the environment creates human minds. Different environments create different LIFE:

  • The environments of animals bring up animals.
  • The human environment brings up people.
  • The environment of Celestial Beings brings up Celestial Beings.
  • The environment of Buddha brings up Buddhas. 

This environment known as the great universe includes both the material world environment and the nonmaterial world environment; the reality environment and the super reality environment. The reality material environment is the great universe that we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The super reality nonmaterial world includes the great universe written in books, sent to computers and TV screens, dreamed by our subconscious minds, and imagined in our minds. 

Always remember that you can know the principles and ways to have a sublime LIFE, but you MUST live in the corresponding environment of LIFE level in order to achieve the LIFE in which you desire to be.

  • Those who are surrounded by animals live in environments consisting of animals.
  • Those who are surrounded by people live in environments consisting of people.
  • Those who are surrounded by Celestials live in environments consistingof
  • Those who are surrounded by Buddha live in environments consisting of Buddha.
  • Those who are surrounded by Gods live in environments consisting of Gods.

People who live with people in the human world for a long time cannot become Celestial Beings or attain Buddhahood. If one wants to go there, they must live in environments that possess those attributes; live in their worlds. The New Oasis for Life created by Lifechanyuan is the environment of Celestial Beings where Celestial Beings live. So, if you want to become a Celestial Being, you must live in the New Oasis for Life. 

A brain cannot exist independently, but a mind can

A brain is restrained by the material world, but a mind is not.

A brain is material, but a mind is nonmaterial.

People carry the genes of consciousness information from many previous lives. The good and bad of the “root of wisdom” rely on the consciousness of their genetic information. That is the origin of the so-called genius. Generally speaking, people who have never lived in heaven in any of their previous lives cannot become a Celestial Being or attain Buddhahood and and will have to go through the same difficulty as someone who wants to become a singer but has a rough, untuned voice. 

Genius is not cultivated, but is innate.

The so-called innate means that they have acquired certain qualities throughout many previous lives.

The so-called LIFE is the soul; and the so-called soul is consciousness.

Consciousness determines the nature and level of LIFE. 


  • A brain is a channel for information from the great universe to enter a mind.
  • A brain is dead without the great universe and cannot survive without it.
  • Minds are independent and can exist even without the great universe.
  • The great universe can be created by a mind.
  • The great universe plays a decisive role in the formation of minds.

In order to attain the mind of a Celestial Being or to attain Buddhahood, one must associate with Celestial Beings and Buddhas and live in their world.

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