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Humanity has Missed a Great Chance

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

If you have been keeping up with global climate change and the dynamics of our political state, you must feel that the crisis is getting worse and worse. Tomorrow or death? It is sometimes difficult to predict which will come first as you retire for the evening.

On October 18’th of this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations released a report in Incheon, South Korea, IPCC Global Warming of 1.5which says that global warming must must not be allowed to exceed 1.5 or mankind will succumb to an extremely pitiful doomsday by the year 2040.

Can we keep global warming under 1. 5?

It is out of control; a dream.

2040 is only twenty-two years away.

Attention please! If the end comes in twenty-two years, then for many people, next year or perhaps even tomorrow will be the end of their time and they might not even see tomorrow’s sunrise.

This is not a bluff or prophecy from some historical prophets or the ravings of spirits and deities about fortunes and disasters, but the conclusion drawn by experts from more than forty countries who have accumulated more than six thousand pieces of data.

In fact, I personally warned people clearly in early April, 2009 that the so-called apocalypse of 2012 would not happen but would be replaced in a gradual, reciprocating, and increasingly serious way. Almost a decade has passed, so let us find out how precisely the climate changes over the last decade have conformed to my predictions.

In addition, at the end of 2017, I warned humanity once again that from 2018 on, the earth would enter a new era and that dramatic changes would take place during the first three decades. You can look back at the climate changes of 2018; can you sense the smell of the coming storm? From now on, the changes will get worse and worse until the “extremely pitiful doomsday” happens.

Actually, if people had followed my guidance ten year ago, then they would have avoided their current  suffering, but they missed their great chance. How do I know all this? Because I am the messenger of the Greatest Creator, the incarnation of the god, Buddha, Celestial beings, and saints. It does not matter if you think that I am bluffing and that my purpose is to deceive you and gain money or carnal pleasure; that is your right and freedom. However, people with spirituality know the truth and it is not hard for rational people to understand what I have said and written for more than the last decade and draw their own conclusions. Now, it is unnecessary to repeat what I warned of in the past; all epoch-making theories and practices are relegated to history.

If I had merely pointed out the problem but had not offered any solution to it, then I would be unworthy of the title of messenger and incarnation. The problem is that I showed the way to solve the crisis and even created a model, but if people either did not believe me or simply ignored me, then it is not my problem, but theirs.

It can be said that the Greatest Creator, through his messengers, has warned mankind and shown them the way forward. Gods, Buddha, Celestial beings, and Saints through their incarnations have done their best and no matter how humanity will suffer, no one can blame them for neither helping you nor saving you.

The United Nations has met many times to formulate plans and appeals to try to solve the problem of climate change; the most famous of those was the Paris Agreement. As I said in my article, all the efforts of the U.N. could not accomplish enough. This is because the root of climate change lies in mankind’s traditional production and life mode. In order to stop climate change, we must change that production and life mode; any other measures and methods are futile. Of course, the final end can be delayed for several years, but it cannot solve the root problem.

So how do we change the traditional production and life mode of mankind? With my guidance, angel-like Chanyun celestials have established a model for humanity; the New Oasis of Life (formerly, the Second Home) model. From this model, we have a wealth of written reports, pictures, illustrations, and video presentations. In this regard however, the United Nations, governments of major countries, experts and scholars, and billions of myopic people have been completely indifferent. So, if 2040 becomes the “extremely pitiful doomsday”, can we not say that mankind deserves it? Is mankind not beyond redemption?

It is too late to reverse climate change now, regardless of what efforts are made.

However, mankind will not die out; people will still multiply on the earth and within another forty years, they will usher in a brilliant era and live happier lives than have never existed before. Unfortunately though, not many people who are alive today will survive to that time and whether you will be one of them will depend completely upon your fortune, but even those who have fluky luck might not survive unharmed; causality is everything.

We must rely on the laws and rules of nature, “Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure. With big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through!”

It is customary for executioners to offer condemned prisoners one final good meal before they put them to death, so all of you should just enjoy your meals and have fun, day by day, every day!


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