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Help me to Build a Paradise on the Earth

 (Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

To those with an open spiritual perception: I am the guide of Lifechanyuan from the Thousand-year world of heaven.

I am an experienced builder of paradises on earth.

I have written for the past two decades, the main contents of which are written in Chanyuan corpus and Xuefeng Corpus, but there are also more than a thousand undeclared articles about the arrangements and details of life in an earthly paradise.

I have built several of them over the past decade including nine picturesque Xanadu homes in mainland China, however the Chinese government forcibly disbanded and destroyed all of them because they misinterpreted us as a religious organization. Now, I want to rebuild them in full accordance with the model of the Thousand-year world of heaven.

The paradise which I want to build on the Earth is neither a utopia, communism as it is now understood, the “New Harmony Village” that Robert Owen built in the United States, those communities which still exist today, such as “Auroville” in India, “Tamera” in Portugal,  “Damanhuri” in Italy, “Findhorn” in Scotland, “Christi Diane – the Free City” in Denmark, “Ideal Society” and “Twelve Tribal Communities” in Canada, “Twin Oaks”, ”Hummingbird”, ”Dancing Rabbit”, ”Tremor Education Community”, and “Ananda Village” in the United States, nor countless others. It is most similar to “Konohana Family” in Japan in spirit but not in form. What I want to build is a functioning paradise on earth.

What will that look like?

  • You can gain an overall understanding and see a general picture by referring to the following sources:
  •  Search for the “Thousand-year world” on Baidu or Google.
  • More information is available on the following websites:





e.   (Chinese)

f.    (Chinese)


Centering on sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, honesty, peace, and joy, I can build what you can imagine, but I need the following resources:

  • No less than 60 hectares of land with nearby rivers or spring water and year-round spring-like climate with neither intense heat nor severe cold, which is like Harare, Zimbabwe or Chuxiong, Yunnan, China.
  • One Million US Dollars!
  • Local governmental permits
  • Three hundred people from a multitude of nationalities, cultures, races, and faiths will be selected to participate in constructing, living, and producing in it.

Why would I build such a paradise in the human world? 

1. To create an ideal mode of life for people and to point to a beautiful and brilliant road for mankind which will give them freedom from worry, pain, anxiety, and fear. 

2. To let people know that paradise does exist as long as you make the effort and that by doing so, you can live in heaven from now on. 

3. To let people know that life is so beautiful that we can lead happy, free, joyous, and blessed lives and be even happier after death. 

If you have the ability, please give me a hand.
If you can provide the land, that would be great!

If you can provide the money, that would also be great!

If you can acquire a governmental permit, that would be great, too! 

No matter how much or in what form you can help, please do it.

You would be giving alms formlessly and the returns would be inconceivable.

This is a matter of life and death because over the next decade, climate changes will become more and more volatile; droughts, floods, hurricanes, intense heat, and severe cold will attack us, and fires, floods, and plagues from insects and pestilence will happen. The number of refugees will grow geometrically and people will compete for resources just to survive. As a result, conflicts and competition between states, interest groups, religious and political groups, and patriarchal clans will become more intense and the situation will become absolutely tragic; even cut-throat. Every day will be a contest between life and death. What you have now will soon crumble to smoke and ashes. It is better to dedicate your offerings now because that could lead you into a more livable future.  

I am eagerly awaiting your good news.

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WeChat: 0012507063283



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