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The Second Home Does Not Take the Road of Reverting to Ancient Civilizations

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

People have created splendid cultures and invented innumerable production tools and living products. Inventions, innovations, and scientific developments have relieved us from backward and primitive production and living modes. Except for those gifts bestowed by nature, all that we enjoy today comes from those advancements. If civilization abandons science and technology, it would not be an advancement, but a regression.

The Way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature.

Scientific inventions and technological advancements have not gone against nature, but some have been used in irrational ways. Achievements of technological inventions and progress have gone against the ways of nature in many aspects, but the fault is not theirs; rather, it is from people’s misuse out of selfishness and greed. 

Cutting vegetables is a natural use for a knife but using it to cut woods or to kill people is a misuse. The problem lies not with the knife, but rather with the person who misuses it. It would be extremely illogical to blame the knife rather than to look into the false consciousness of the person who behaves irrationally.

Would it be better to use toilet paper or clods of soil to wipe ones buttock? Of course, toilet paper is better, at least more hygienic. If a toilet paper manufacturer cuts a large amount of woods and then spills wastewater into rivers, it would not be the fault of the toilet paper, but that of the manufacturer who has ignored the result of wrong behaviour by only pursuing economic profit.

Some people are under the mistaken belief that the production and life mode of the Second Home will lead to a reversion to primitive conditions, but returning to nature does not include doing such things as eating raw animal flesh and drinking its blood or wearing the skins and furs of animals. Rather, it means that we should live according to the will of the Greatest Creator and by the principle that people need to coexist with nature harmoniously. At least we can say that people should not advance at the price of natural destruction, but according to the fundamental principle of sustainability.

What we have created is a brand new civilization which will not only inherit all the positive achievements of scientific and technological development but will also advance humanity into a more developed stage of civilization. It would not be possible for us to revert to ancient practices because although we would absorb wisdom from ancient cultures, we would not be limited by them; we would learn from their essence but would not revert to them. Our thoughts should neither be confined to ancient ones nor make us repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. Following in their footsteps, we need to initiate a new future and a new way of living which will avoid the recurring tracks of previous civilizations which have been destroyed completely.

Religions should not stop progress, politics should not be shortsighted, economies should not destroy nature, and societies should not be reluctant to advance forward. The biggest crisis facing humanity is that of the soul; all others pale in comparison. When this crisis is eliminated, all others will disappear automatically.

Do not define the Second Home by using concepts of old production and life modes and do not assume that the Second Home will be the same as any other living mode in human history. We are walking on a new road which aligns completely with the will the Greatest Creator rather than human will. It will bring happy, joyous, blessed, and free lives to people, and even allow them to evolve into celestials.

I am the spiritual guide of humanity. I will lead people to an unprecedented, amazing future, and even take some to heaven. This is not a boast; as long as you follow me, you will experience it…step by step.

written on the October 26, 2013

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