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It is EGO that Blocks our Way to Heaven

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

If everything works according to the Greatest Creator’s will, so let everything return to nature and follow the law of nature as the way of “Permaculture agriculture”, then the wind and rain will come in their time and everything will harmonize with each other, people will lead carefree lives and enjoy their years of life, it will be realized that we are integral parts of nature, and everyone will enjoy peace and health.

Harm and pain are created by people with egos. One is bound to be selfish with an ego and selfishness is bound to bring harm and pain to others, society, and nature. In return, that harm and pain will reflect back upon themselves. This will lead to vicious cycles and eventual destruction.

  • The teachings of gods are that by abandoning the ego, one will receive LIFE and peace.
  • The teachings of the Buddha are that by being free of ego, form, and worry, one can enter the Elysium world.
  • The teachings of Celestial beings are to “Take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relationships, act in accordance with nature, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.”
  • The teachings of saints are to lack the hearts of egos, but to take the hearts of the world as their own.
  • The core of their teachings is but one: be free from ego.
  • Being free from ego, one can enjoy the pleasures of LIFE and enter paradise; the pure land; the fairyland.

Facts speak louder than words. People living in the New Oasis for Life are more joyous, freer, and happier than those living in traditional marriages and families. Why? Because people living in the New Oasis for Life are more free from ego and more selfless than those living in traditional marriages and families. In the New Oasis for Life, the freer you are from ego, the more happiness, freedom, and joy you can have; the more that you serve your ego, the less happy, free, and joyous you will be. Facts have proven that in order to lead a happy and nice life and enter paradise step by step, the freer one is from their ego, the better they are.

So how can we free ourselves from our egos?

  • Live according to the Will of the Greatest Creator; that is the Law of Nature.
  • Live by following the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, and the immortal Lao Tzu.
  • Abandon your ego but integrate into the collective and into nature.
  • Desire nothing but take things as they are; drink as you thirst, eat as you hunger, and sleep as you tire. Associate with everyone by following predestined relationships and acting in accordance with your nature.
  • Own nothing or no one until you have nothing at all.
  • Neither interfere with others, nor try to control or change them; be yourself with your original nature.
  • Neither analyze and judge right and wrong, nor judge others’ advantages, disadvantages, and qualities.
  • Seek out those who own nothing with selfless consideration and always remain humble and look like both saints and a servants because it is correct to listen to them.

  • Ego is the precipice and the stumbling block that prevents people from reaching heaven.
  • Ego is the root of all trouble, pain, and misfortune.
  • Ego will inevitably lead a person to a lower-space of LIFE.

Only selflessness helps one realize their Self.

Only freedom from ego helps one achieve their Self.

These two messages encompass all the secrets of brilliant lives and the principles of LIFE sublimation; think of them carefully and practice them bravely!

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