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The New Consciousness for the New Era

Those who wish to be a part of the New Era of Lifechanyuan must realize and accept these eighteen requirements:

  • Abandon atheism and the theory of evolution and accept the reality of the Greatest Creator and follow the way of the Greatest Creator
  • Abandon the concepts of ego, family, religion, political party, and state, and form the consciousness of global citizens
  • Shift from the belief that reality creates consciousness to the belief that consciousness creates reality
  • Repudiate the God of the Old Testament of the Bible and establish the new idea of the Greatest Creator
  • Negate the view of fortuity and establish the view of inevitability
  • Shift from the view of disorder to that of causality
  • Accept the existence of different levels of LIFE besides that which we see on the earth
  • Accept that LIFE consists of a material entity and a spiritual one
  • Accept that death is not the end of LIFE but only the beginning of a new journey of Life
  • Accept the reality of the existence of heaven and hell
  • Understand that there is no ultimate judgment, but that judgment is ongoing and universal
  • Understand that our futures are determined by us and shaped by our own hands
  • Understand that whether one has a good future or a bad one depends on whether their non-material structure is perfect or deficient
  • Abandon personal heroism and elite consciousness and lower oneself to the humblest of position
  • Understand that, “What one reaps, so shall they sow”, and that we need to contribute more but ask for less in return to accumulate our merits and virtues and to sublimate our quality of LIFE
  • Understand that only by embracing sincerity, kindness, and virtue, can we perfect our own structures of LIFE, completely abandon “attack and revenge” attitudes, and treat everything kindly
  • Master the principle of the Mobius Net, unify opposites, and give up one’s criticisms of the world
  • Understand that LIFE has an infinite future, and only those who pursue the highest realm of life can have the most splendid future. It is only in this way that we can enter the New Era.


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