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Soul Crisis is the Core Crisis

The crises faced by humanity has been long-standing. There had been warnings in Bible, Koran and ‘the Book of Earth Mother’ of Buddhism. In recent twenty years, many scientists, ideologists, and spiritual leaders have all sensed the crises faced by humanity are getting more and more serious. They can be summarized as follows:​

Water resource shortages and pollution, food shortages, rapid population growth, air pollution, widespread of strong virus, leakage of nuclear facilities, desertification, endangered species, ecological imbalance, greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, competition of nuclear weapons , etc.​

There are also some people have foreseen the culture crisis, ethic crisis and belief crisis.​

All the above crises are only the crises on surface and they are not the core crisis.

The core crisis faced by humanity is the crisis of the soul. If we only focus on the superficial but ignore the core, it is impossible to resolve them. The crises will become even more severe, which would end up with humanity extinction and earth destruction.

Humans can hear, listen, smell, taste and sense spiritually because they have eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and consciousness. However, humans are losing spiritual sense.

The results of failing to have spiritual sense are:

  • Not able to feel the existence of the Greatest Creator
  • Not able to feel the existence of the Greatest Creator, Buddha or celestials.
  • Not able to feel the existence of thirty-six dimensional spaces
  • Not able to feel the existence of “the non-material” and “negative universe”
  • Do not understand the concept of “horizontal time”
  • Too much trust on scientific findings, and atheism becomes popular
  • Do not believe the law of cause and effect
  • Do not realize the magic of consciousness
  • Do not believe reincarnation
  • Self-centered and arrogant​

If a man loses the spiritual sense, he loses spirituality. And as a result, he will not be able to have a perfect human nature:

  • His thoughts are prisoned in three-dimensional space
  • Does not acknowledge the regularity and certainties
  • Does not believe the law of cause and effect
  • Does not believe reincarnation
  • Believe the theory of evolution, “law of jungle” and “survival of the fittest”
  • Only value short term interests, and ignore long-term consequences
  • Rotten morals and falling humanity
  • Lack of gratitude​

A man who loses spiritual sense will be just like a black hole, only absorb stuff in but never contribute. Moreover, he is like a virus, which only does destruction to the surrounding environment.​

The above statements have shown that the core crisis of human being is the crisis of soul, and it is the root cause of why one cannot have a happy and free life.


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