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Symbols of Lifechanyuan Era

First, let us understand these eight characteristics of the era in which we are living:

  • The current era of humanity is one of disorder
  • It is an era of nationalities, political parties, religions, races, countries, and other interest groups fighting both overtly and covertly
  • It is an era of people mostly pursuing material comforts but ultimately falling apart
  • It is an era in which the winners make the rules and the losers are always wrong, with everything depending on force and power
  • It is an era of countries being controlled by separatist regimes through the force of arms
  • It is an era that is locked in a seesaw struggle between truth, goodness, and beauty against falsity, evil, and ugliness
  • It is an era in which people are confused, with gloomy hearts and souls, with decadent spirits and anxious minds, and who cannot see the trend of future developments
  • In one sentence, it is an era under Satan’s reign 

The new Lifechanyuan era can be characterized by the following eight major qualities:

  • The disappearance of countries
  • The disappearance of religions
  • The disappearance of political parties
  • The disappearance of families
  • The disappearance of war, crime, hunger, and disease
  • A shift from pursuing material comfort to pursuing spiritual satisfaction
  • The production and life of people everywhere will be steered by saints and managed by sages
  • Knowledge of the Greatest Creator will take root in society and we will live in a harmonious and orderly manner with nature and other advanced LIFE

Beyond those, there are these eight additional features:

  • Deserts will become oasis
  • The good order of “No one pocketing anything found on the road and doors not needing to be locked at night” will become normal, for thieves will be gone
  • People will mutually trust, respect, and love each other as members of the same family
  • Weather will usually be good for the crops, with distinct seasons, and natural calamities such as earthquakes and storms will be rare
  • Bad traditions, such as one’s dignity depending on their amount of money, their power and influence, and their fame and prestige will change
  • The forms of love between men and women will diversify
  • The lifespans of people will increase to about five-hundred years
  • The manner and time of one’s death will be self-determined

In this New Era, the human population may decline sharply as many extinct species reappear. The world, including the air and water, will be purified and restored to its earlier state. This era will belong to those who have devoted painstaking efforts throughout their lives to revering nature, Life, the Greatest Creator, and humanity.


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