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Who are Chanyuan Celestials?

Chanyuan celestials are great souls living in the human world; most of them have lived in heaven during previous lives, and are now looking to find their way back home.

Chanyuan celestials are humble individuals who have relatively perfect characters and are longing for heavenly life.

Chanyuan celestials are proposers and practitioners of new values, the new way of life, and the new era.

Chanyuan celestials are globalists who have world views and do not think from the limited perspectives of their own countries or ethnic groups.

Chanyuan celestials are the “mature crops” who have received their “visas” to heaven.

Chanyuan celestials are pioneers of the new era and their final destination is the Celestial Island Continent of Elysium.

The eight qualities of all Chanyuan celestials are:

Chanyuan celestials fully believe in and revere the Greatest Creator.

Chanyuan celestials regard Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as their life mentors.

Chanyuan celestials resonate with the thoughts of Lifechanyuan’s spiritual guide, Xuefeng.

Chanyuan celestials follow strictly the guidance of Xuefeng in order to sublimate their LIFE quality.

Chanyuan celestials have the noblest ideals and are ready to dedicate their entire lives to the wellbeing of humanity.

Chanyuan celestials believe in and live by Chanyuan values.

Chanyuan celestials love Lifechanyuan’s big family and work as much as possible for the New Oasis Community.

Chanyuan celestials devote their whole hearts and souls to the Greatest Creator and to the cause of Lifechanyuan.


The two Life purposes of all Chanyuan celestials are:

To live their lives to the fullest in order to enjoy free, joyful, happy, and blessed lives.

To take their LIVES to the highest level in order to transform their LIFE quality so they can enter into the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator.

The eight Life philosophies describe Chanyuan celestials thusly:

Chanyuan celestials surrender their LIVES to the Greatest Creator and live according to the guidance of consciousness of the Greatest Creator, Tao.

Chanyuan celestials revere nature, revere LIFE, and revere the Greatest Creator.

Chanyuan celestials always stay active, positive, and optimistic.

Chanyuan celestials strive to become real “celestials”, therefore, they see this life journey as merely playing a game. The foremost goal is to improve their quality of LIFE, and nothing takes a more important focus than this.

Chanyuan celestials regard marriage and traditional families as the cause of much suffering, and therefore never intend to marry.

Chanyuan celestials accept things and circumstances as they are, make peace with whomever enters into their lives, take action by listening to their inner voices, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Chanyuan celestials prefer the collective life and do not want to take ownership of anything or anyone. They regard hard work and diligence as good qualities and would hate to be lazy, greedy, jealous, or possessive.

“It is because the sage does not live for himself that his Self is realized”. Chanyuan celestials take this as their motto and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the cause of initiating the Lifechanyuan era, so as to pay off their “debts” on earth and accumulate their “treasure” in heaven.