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1. The relationship in physical appearance

The Greatest Creator is amorphous and thus can be in any form. The form of human beings is designed based on the form of the Heaven God. That is to say, the appearance of humans resembles that of the God rather the Greatest Creator.

2. The Relationship of Wisdom

The Gods in Heaven were created by the Greatest Creator, but we were not produced directly by the Greatest Creator. Black Africans and Red American natives were the first batch of people to be created by the Gods, White Europeans and Egyptians were the second batch to be created, and Yellow Asians centered in China came from the Elysium World. They are the third batch of people on Earth and are mutations of Dragons who were followers of the God of Darkness, so the ancestors of the Asian race were not human. Adam and Eve were the ancestors of the Israelis and most Middle Easterners, and they were created by another God in the Garden of Eden. 

We can never reach the wisdom of the Greatest Creator. 

Only Gods can understand the wisdom of the Greatest Creator. Africans and Europeans, when refined to a certain high level, can understand the wisdom of Gods. With the genes of Celestial Beings and the Buddha, Asians can recognize the Tao of nature and can possess the wisdom of Celestial Beings and the Buddha. Finally, Israelis and most Middle Easterners lie in between. 

3. Affiliation

The humans are not directly administered by the Greatest Creator. Instead, they are governed by the Gods in the Heaven.

Humans are administered by one God. However, the relationship is often intervened and damaged by  another God. Because the God World also follows the principle of unity of the opposites, these two Gods are equal in power and strength, unable to beat the other side. So the Mortal World can never reach the perfect state or maintain peace. The human heart is always seeking balance between good and evil, and beauty and ugly.

For example, one God has created Adam and Eve and the opposing God has planted a so-called Wisdom Tree in the Garden of Eden, alluring Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, which changed the genetic model of the thought of Adam and Eve. The God who created Adam and Eve knew about the evil intention of the other God and repeatedly told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit on the Wisdom Tree. However, Adam and Eve failed to resist the temptation and were trapped by the other God. The God got angry and expelled Adam and Eve out of Eden.

We call the God who genuinely cares for the human beings as the God of Light, and the other God as the God of Darkness. Jesus is the representative of the God of Light and Satan is that of the God of the Darkness. The God of Light is concerned about the future and destiny of the human beings. It cares about the LIFE perfection of each individual person, hoping the humans can reach the freedom and happiness in their mind, and the freedom and pleasure in their flesh by pursuing the sincerity, kindness and beauty.

Fully aware of the position of the human beings in the competition between the God of Light and the God of Darkness, Sakyamuni has taught his followers to forsake the human life and seek surmounting to break away from the God of Light and God of Darkness and get into the Elysium World directly out of the Samsara world. In surface, the God of Darkness cares for the humans very much. He teaches people to pursue possessions, wealth, power, position, beauty, fame, success, ownership and luxury life. In every means, the God of Darkness keeps the people busy with the immediate interest so that they don’t have enough time to have deep thinking. His purpose is to fail the plan of the God of Light. In essence, the God of Darkness doesn’t care for the human beings at all. He is just distracting the people from the real life purpose.

4. The Cause and Effect Relationship 

Though not governing us directly, the Greatest Creator knows our present and futures clearly.  He is also fully aware of the rivalry between the Gods of Light and of Darkness. The God of Light hopes to bring everlasting light to the Mortal World while the God of Darkness hopes to sink the Mortal World into perpetual darkness. However, either everlasting light or perpetual darkness would damage the unity of opposites in the Universe. So they have to maintain a balance. 

The Greatest Creator cares for us by setting up a cause and effect relationship, an order and a procedure. 

First, the Greatest Creator has given us a certain degree of free will, allowing us to select between light and darkness on our own, so the Greatest Creator has given us exactly what we have pursued and we deserve our current situation. The Greatest Creator has neither deprived nor added anything. We are simply following the “path” laid out by the Greatest Creator. For instance, Adam and Eve could make their own decision of whether or not to eat the fruit on the Wisdom Tree. Had they not eaten it, they would have continued to enjoy their lives in Eden forever, but once they ate it, they were driven out of Eden and had to work hard to survive. 

We will be treated the same way that we treat others. The God will treat us the same way that we treat the God. We will receive for what we have paid. The more we have paid, the more we will be rewarded. What we have paid and what we will receive will always be equal. 

“As you sow, so shall you reap”. Plant sesames and you cannot grow watermelons, sow grass seeds and you cannot grow crops. What Goes Around Comes Around: “Such a life, such a death”. The Greatest Creator is fair and impartial and rewards us in accordance with our actions. Our past delivered our present which is delivering our future. Such is our causal relationship with the Greatest Creator.

5. “Blood” Relationship

Though we were not created directly by the Greatest Creator, the source of LIFE comes from the Greatest Creator and nothing would exist without it. If there were no Greatest Creator, there would be no Jesus or Satan and If there were no Jesus or Satan, there would be no “us”. That is to say, we would not be here without the Greatest Creator.

As far as “the blood relationship” is concerned, the Greatest Creator is the father of Jesus and Satan. Jesus is our father and Satan is our uncle, which means that the Greatest Creator is our grandfather.

 Jesus called the Greatest Creator “The Father” because he was created by the Greatest Creator. However, if we also refer to the Greatest Creator as the Father, we would then be putting ourselves in an equal position with Jesus, and that would violate our relational ethics. Because Jesus and another God created us as required by the Greatest Creator, our Father is the God, and is not the Greatest Creator. 

From the perspective of relationships, the Greatest Creator is our grandfather while Jesus and other Gods are our fathers and Satan and other Evils are our uncles. The Celestial being is the senior life form of humans and the Buddha is the highest LIFE form of humans. Grandfathers always love their grandsons and fathers always love their sons. If we respect the grandfather and do not anger him, we will have bright futures. Even when our fathers and uncles punish us, if we earn love and receive favor from our grandfather, then our father and uncle would have to relieve us because they respect their father, the Greatest Creator.

6. The Relationship of Distance

The concept of the distance between the Greatest Creator and us can be explained in two ways.


From the physical world’s perspective, the distance between us is immeasurably large. At present, the farthest galaxies that we can detect are twenty-seven (27) billion light-years apart from each other, and quarks, the smallest particles we have theorised, are more than thirty (30) billion light-years from us in the downward direction. The Conscious energy cluster of the universe is not in the center of the universe, just as the human brain is not in the middle of the human body. If we see this overview from the perspective of 36-dimensional space, the essence of the Greatest Creator is in the Zero World while we are in the Mortal World. Between these two Worlds, lies an insurmountable gap.

So as far as the spiritual body is concerned, the Greatest Creator stays together with us and there is no distance between us.

All things in the universe are representations of the Greatest Creator. Our distance from the Greatest Creator, if shown with an approximate metaphor, is just like that between the finger and the body. There is some distance between the finger and the head, but as a part of the body, we can also say there is no distance between them. Any movement or feeling of the finger is felt by the brain.


7.  The Relationship through Telepathy 

Though the Greatest Creator seems far from us, it will react instantly when we do anything and will give us orders immediately, just like the finger and the brain. As a result, the Greatest Creator actually stays with us and knows all of our movements and behaviors, whether physical, mental, or psychological, and all the directives from the Greatest Creator will reach our bodies and souls instantly and perfectly.

The Greatest Creator is amorphous and that is why we cannot see its existence. But this does not mean that the Greatest Creator does not exist or that its existence has nothing to do with us.

 In fact, each of us is living under the care of the Greatest Creator. There is a mutual-response and cause-effect relationship between the Greatest Creator and each of us. 

If we imagine the Greatest Creator as the sea, then we are fish swimming in it. The Holy Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son of the God in the Bible refer to the Greatest Creator, the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator, and Jesus, who executes the directives of the Greatest Creator. The psychic energy of the Greatest Creator permeates the Universe and we just live in the spirit as fish swim in water. Lao Tzu, in his Tao Te Ching, spoke about Tao, which is actually the Holy Spirit. The “Perception of Tao ”, “acquisition of Tao”, and “practicing the Tao” actually mean awareness of existence, operation, and functioning of the Greatest Creator. Also, combining with the spirit of the Greatest Creator through thinking, understanding, and logical reasoning. When you have been integrated into the spirit (Tao) of the Greatest Creator, you will have reached the “supreme wisdom” as stated in the Buddhist Scripture. At that time, you will definitely become a celestial being and not be far from the Buddha.


8. Ways of Communications

Though the Greatest Creator seems far from us, it will react instantly when we do anything and will give us orders immediately, just like the finger and the brain. As a result, the Greatest Creator actually stays with us and knows all of our movements and behaviors, whether physical, mental, or psychological, and all the directives from the Greatest Creator will reach our bodies and souls instantly and perfectly. 

We communicate with the Greatest Creator through meditation and pray. 

Meditation means getting into the deep thinking and imagination by forsaking the psychological activities aroused by “the sound, fragrance, taste, touch and law” in the mind. It is a state of mind inaction giving up fame, wealth, life and death, thinking about the universe mysteries and life meaning. After a long period of meditation, our consciousness will integrate with that of the Greatest Creator and our wisdom will be upgraded in quality. When our state of mind reaches the indescribable happiness and pleasure, we have been closely connected with the Greatest Creator. This is the most direct, effective and difficult way of communicating with the Greatest Creator.  

The second way is pray. We must first understand that human beings exist to serve the Greatest Creator. The main purpose of our pray is to please the Greatest Creator. Jesus has told us very clearly about how to pray and what to pray. We just need to follow his instructions. 

In general, the pray must be done in piety and should never be performed in a perfunctory manner. The content of the pray must be the gratitude to the Greatest Creator for its favor, mercy and support, praise of the Greatest Creator’s wisdom, supreme power and greatness, followed by your expression of the will to behave in the Greatest Creator’s will without caring about your own success, failure, gain or loss. Then you have to confess, earnestly, your sins and mistake, and ask for the forgiveness of the Greatest Creator. Finally, you should ask the Greatest Creator to steer you onto the right path so that your life can enter the higher life space in the next cycle of life. The pray is concluded by saying that our pray is done in the capacity of Jesus, the father of human being in the Heaven.