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The Origin of Humanity –
3. Prelude

We know how the universe and the Greatest Creator came into being, I have proven the existence of the Greatest Creator in the chapters of “the Greatest Creator” using forty natural phenomena and eight logical reasonings, but what did the Greatest Creator do after his birth? 

“Wuji” generated “Taiji”, which generated two complementary forces. These two forces represent the unity of opposites. That is to say, after Taiji, the Creator was born, and a division of energy began to exist within Wuji. Where the energy levels were low, they created forms; therefore, the celestial bodies of the universe began to emerge, one by one, and space began to expand infinitely. Where the energy level was high, things such as the “black holes” came into existence, formlessly and invisibly. 

When the first celestial bodies appeared, their movements were random and disorderly; there were no solar systems, Milky Way systems, Law-Rotary Galaxy systems, or Rotary-River Galaxy Systems. To ensure that everything would run in order, the Greatest Creator needed assistants to manage the universe; as if someone were to borrow a large sum of money from a bank in order to establish a large business; they would need to hire people for purchasing, manufacturing, production, internal management, sales, and the rest. Similarly, the Greatest Creator also need helpers to help finish the project of creating the universe. 

How did he manage the universe? He made gods, and what are gods? Gods are helpers of the Greatest Creator. How did he make gods? We know that the Greatest Creator is the energy core and nerve center of the universe. He used his almighty consciousness to generate powerful energy to squeeze some regional energy which then became many independent energy clusters. The centers of these clusters formed special structures, which after being strengthened with the power of the energy, consciousnesses were born. These conscious entities are gods. 

The process is similar to making bricks in kilns. We loosen soil, add appropriate chemicals, and put them into kilns to calcify. After this process, loose soil morphs into hard bricks. If we put the soil and chemicals into vessels that are to resistant to being destroyed by even the most powerful energy and then calcify them with very high energy, the soil mixed with chemicals will form a special structure and will further produce a consciousness, and a new life – a god will be born. 

How many gods has the Greatest Creator made? Many!

Each god has its own independent consciousness, but their energy level is far lower than that of the Greatest Creator. Therefore, gods must to obey him.  

What is the energy level of a god? That depends on the size of the energy ball used to create the particular god. Some gods have very high energy levels while some have very low levels.  However, even those with the least energy are more powerful than any of the visible celestial bodies. The energy of our sun is very high, but the total energy of the sun is less than that of the least powerful god. We know that the “black holes” throughout the universe are actually gods. 

When the Greatest Creator finished making gods, he ordered them to form universes. For example, the universe in which the earth resides is in controlled by many gods (black holes). Among them, the two largest are Jesus and Satan. That is to say, the earth universe is managed by Jesus and Satan. (the Earth universe includes three thousand Rotary-River Systems, nine million milky way systems, and twenty-seven billion solar systems) 

Jesus and Satan are two opposite gods, but they are unity. Jesus stands for sincerity, kindness, and beauty, while Satan stands for dishonesty, evil, and ugliness. Jesus stands for light, Satan stands for darkness; Jesus stands for the ordinary, Satan stands for the extraordinary; Jesus stands for the weak, Satan stands for the strong. 

When the gods were created, the universe had not yet become vibrant, it was quiet and deserted, and the gods felt lonely and bored. They therefore asked the Greatest Creator to create more lives to make the universe noisy and vital. He agreed and then created many new lives using smaller energy balls; these new lives are the angels which Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam have enumerated. 

Angels are lives whose energy levels are lower than those of gods but are managed and dominated by them. They are also messengers and helpers of gods, and they assist gods to manage everything in their own universes. Angels have their own characteristics; they can move freely throughout time and space. 

The appearances of angels made the universe very lively and vibrant; the universe could then be described as “orioles singing and swallows darting, bustling with noise and excitement”, but the problem then became that Jesus and Satan stood for two opposite sides, they were evenly matched but had contrasting views, which eventually led angels to divide into two parties. One follows the viewpoint of Jesus, the other follows Satan; the former is the Buddha we know from Buddhism, the latter is the Celestial described in Chinese Taoism. 

“Buddha” are actually angels.  In Chinese,  means human, means not, and means Buddha, so Buddha means, “a human who is not a human”. “Buddha” have supernatural powers and are able to appear in many forms, can create life, move mountains, and turn the sea over. They can make the visible become invisible and the invisible become visible. They can survive in a vacuum and move freely in many spaces beyond the constraints of time.  Buddha’s “headquarters” is what we call paradise, or the “Elysium world” that I mentioned in 36 dimensional spaces.

 “Celestials” are also angels.  means human, means mountain, and means celestial being, they like to travel around, enjoy nature, and they love to have fun. They have the same levels of power and ability as Buddhas have, but the difference is that although Buddhas look peaceful, they are arrogant and always want to excel over others, while Celestials are gentle, pure, fun-loving, and behave as they appear. 

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